Useful Shortcut keys in Chrome

1. Open Last Closed Tab -

        Windows : Ctrl + Shift + T

        Mac : ⊞ +Shift + T

This Shortcut key opens the last tab you closed. Sometimes it is useful when you have accidentally closed a tab

2.Close The Active Tab -

      Windows: Ctrl + w

      Mac:  ⊞ + w

Not necessary to click a tiny X to close the active tab we can close the active tab using this shortcut key.

3.Jump Between Next and Previous Tabs -

   Windows: Ctrl + Shift + Tab(Next Open Tab)

                    Shift + Tab(Previous open tab)

  Mac :  ⊞ + Option + Right arrow(next open tab)

            ⊞ + Option + Left arrow(previous open tab)

When you have a habit of opening multiple tabs, this is useful.

4.Open Your Downloads Page -

     Windows: Ctrl + J

    Mac: ⊞ + Option + L

This shortcut key brings up your download window and history.

5.Snap Your Cursor To The Search Bar -

    Windows: Ctrl +L

   Mac: ⊞ + L

This key moves the cursor to the search bar 

6.Clear Browsing Data -

    Windows: Ctrl + Shift + Delete.

   Mac: ⊞ + Shift + Delete

This will clear the history of the  browser

7.Open New Window -

      Windows: Ctrl + n

      Mac : ⊞ + n

This key opens a new Chrome window.


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