Visual Studio Code Tip - Enabling 'Open with Code'


If you are working on a project and using VS Code as a code editor.

You have 3 ways to open a project which I know:

1. Open VS Code, Go to the Recent Project/(file->Open Recent) and open it

2. Open VS Code, goto file-> open folder, find the folder, and open the folder

3. Go to the folder and right-click on the folder and select the "open with code" option

Whichever way you use it's upon you. But I think the more the merrier. The more ways you know, it gives you the ability to choose, the better option for that situation.

And for me "open with code" was not showing while right-clicking on the folder. So needed to enable it.

Just like always, first I googled, and find multiple answers. I chose the easiest way to do it.


Steps to enable the 'Open with Code' :

1. Go to the official site for VS Code 

2. Download the vs code installer. If you have the VS Code Installed no worries, it will update that only. No errors will come.

3. Accept the agreement if you Agree. 

4. Then check the option you need. So I checked the Add "open with code" 

and then next and finish it.

5. Now "Open with Code" is enabled.


Thank you. Hope this tip is useful. 

Reference :

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