Adding Custom Sound in the Local Notification

I am using Local Notification for showing the notification to the user side. I wanted to add a sound with notification. Below is the definition of Local Notification:

export interface LocalNotification {
    title: string;
    body: string;
    id: number;
    schedule?: LocalNotificationSchedule;
     * Name of the audio file with extension.
     * On iOS the file should be in the app bundle.
     * On Android the file should be on res/raw folder.
     * Doesn't work on Android version 26+ (Android O and newer), for
     * Recommended format is .wav because is supported by both platforms.
    sound?: string;
     * Android-only: set a custom statusbar icon.
     * If set, it overrides default icon from capacitor.config.json
    smallIcon?: string;
     * Android only: set the color of the notification icon
    iconColor?: string;
    attachments?: LocalNotificationAttachment[];
    actionTypeId?: string;
    extra?: any;
     * iOS only: set the thread identifier for notification grouping
    threadIdentifier?: string;
     * iOS 12+ only: set the summary argument for notification grouping
    summaryArgument?: string;
     * Android only: set the group identifier for notification grouping, like
     * threadIdentifier on iOS.
    group?: string;
     * Android only: designate this notification as the summary for a group
     * (should be used with the `group` property).
    groupSummary?: boolean;
     * Android only: set the notification channel on which local notification
     * will generate. If channel with the given name does not exist then the
     * notification will not fire. If not provided, it will use the default channel.
    channelId?: string;
     * Android only: set the notification ongoing.
     * If set to true the notification can't be swiped away.
    ongoing?: boolean;
     * Android only: set the notification to be removed automatically when the user clicks on it
    autoCancel?: boolean;

I found the "sound" attribute in the LocalNotification interface.

I am working on android So I went through the below steps:

1. Creating a "raw" folder under android-> app-> src->main-> res 

2. and add the audio file under the "raw" folder


3. Add the sound attribute with the audio file name with the extension.

Note: Audio file name must contain 'a-z' '0-9' and underscore(_). Android does not support anything else in the name of audio files No capital letters as well.

sound: null -> Will Give you default sound.

await LocalNotifications.schedule({
      body:'Background notification Generation',
      id: 1,

So After completing this process, When I built and executed It, I found only the notification showing but no audio sounded. And No error was showing in the console or no debugger was working for me. I have tried to know, what is the problem? why it is not working? After a lot of searching, I focused on the definition and above the sound, there is a comment. 

Doesn't work on Android version 26+ (Android O and newer),

So this will work only till Android O. There is a configuration you can add in the "capacitor.config.json" file for configuring the sound and icon on the Android Platform.

  "plugins": {
    "LocalNotifications": {
      "smallIcon": "ic_stat_icon_config_sample",
      "iconColor": "#488AFF",
      "sound": "beep.wav"

Remember that Configuration overlaps the settings of individual notification options.

Now The challenge I have is to make it work for all the Android Versions that are available. As soon as I will find that out I will post my solution.

Hope this is helpful. Thank you.

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